Why Make a Retreat?

Find Clarity

Clarity emerges from silence.

Distraction that comes from the noise in our lives can make it difficult to connect with God and divine our purpose in life. A silent, Ignatian retreat provides an opportunity for you to draw closer to God, to gain perspective, and to hear God’s voice in your life.

Our retreats draw on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, creating the opportunity to pray and reflect over an extended weekend. A yearly exercise in faith that dates centuries, making a retreat can help you renew your relationship to God and discover newfound faith and clarity.

The Experience

View these stories of retreatants who have experienced the power of silence.

Return Refreshed

“Fires that ignite other fires.”

Making a retreat can have that effect on people.

As you return from a retreat refreshed and inspired to build on your experience, you’ll likely find yourself encouraging others to make a retreat.

Over time, a growing number of people will discover the power of taking time off to pray, hear the voice of God, and seek clarity of purpose. Even as you re-enter our noisy world, you’ll return with new found purpose and peace from your deepened relationship with God.

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