Men’s Retreats


Start Date



Start Date


  • January 2nd
    70 spaces filled / 12 available
  • January 9th
    66 spaces filled / 16 available
  • January 23rd
    66 spaces filled / 16 available
  • February 13th
    66 spaces filled / 16 available
  • March 5th
    79 spaces filled / 3 available
  • March 19th
    81 spaces filled / 1 available
  • April 2nd
    76 spaces filled / 6 available
  • April 23rd
    60 spaces filled / 22 available
  • April 30th
    82 spaces filled / 0 on standby
  • May 14th
    81 spaces filled / 1 available
  • June 25th
    75 spaces filled / 7 available
  • July 16th
    76 spaces filled / 6 available
  • August 13th
    76 spaces filled / 6 available

No retreats!

We're sorry, but there are currently no retreats available. Please check back at a later time.

Important Information

A Note on Standby Lists

A significant number of registered retreatants will often need to cancel their retreat plans, creating opportunities for people on the Standby List to attend. If a retreat you wish to attend is currently full, we encourage you to place your name on the Standby List and hold the time on your calendar as there is a very good chance you will be able to make the retreat. People on the Standby List are often notified within two weeks prior to the retreat date if space becomes available.

Accessibility Information

Individuals who cannot walk at least two city blocks easily should consider whether the retreat is appropriate for them or whether they should rent a motor scooter or electric wheelchair to bring with them for the weekend. A very limited number of rooms have accessibility accommodations.

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